The Band Eclypse – Break the Sky

Really versatile band right here!
A family friend introduced me to this band back in May before their appearance at Bamboozle, but I did not really give them a good listen until one of their songs came on shuffle on iTunes while I was doing school work. I quickly began to look up their latests tracks and was beyong satisfied from what I heard. I’ll let the band themselves do the talking on their style:

We are The Band Eclypse. We play rock, we play rap, we play hip hop, post-punk, funk, and anything that gets caught in the perpetual blender that is our writing process. Since our first gig as “Eclypse Entertainment” in June 2009, we have stuck together to form a cutting edge, brand new band and sound that hopes to shape the future decade in music. Beginning at the Apollo Theater in Harlem, we hope to bring a revolution in music, bringing the mainstream back to the live band. “Eclypse Entertainment” started with New York emcees Daniel Lonner (aka LED) and Jeremy Jordan-Jones (aka triple j) as well as instrumentalists Eric Sherman, Matthew Yaspan, Ziya Smallens and Scott Jacobson. With the addition of lead singer Jamie Ballan and keyboardist Andy Sherman, we ceased to be “Eclypse Entertainment” and became The Band Eclypse, mixing powerpop female leads with true to the bone rapping as well as the crisp sound of a live band.

I am witness to say that description might just be 110% accurate! They really do combine many sorts of genres to produce the best music possible as well as almost create a new genre in the process. Break the Sky is an awesome song that just shows their talent that should most definitely not be neglected. You guys will love them!

I will also give you a bonus track because I like them so much! They take the Chiddy Bang Song “Opposite of Adults” which has an awesome video here of the original (I wish I could keep writing about them too but this post would be extremely long! But Chiddy Bang is also one of my favorite artists right now! Check the previous post inregards to and about them!):

Chiddy Bang – Opposite of Adults Video (grr couldn’t put the video on the page because of issues with the copyright but you can check it out through the link. sorry about that in advance.)

The Band Eclypse – Opposite of Adults REMIX | Download

The Band Eclypse – Break the Sky | Download

Give them a listen and don’t sleep on them like I did earlier!

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One response to “The Band Eclypse – Break the Sky

  1. Amazing!!!! Loved the original music – Break the Sky- and true to their words, they take Opposite of Adults and remix with a band for an awesome result! Check them out!

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