Adam Tensta – Dopeboy

I just loved this visual that a graphic designer created after hearing this Tensta song!
Adam Tensta is an artist who makes hiphop, elctro, house, and pop music that I half stumbled upon through YouTube and somewhat due to my brother (yes he might’ve actually done something good for me for once lol).  This song “Dopeboy” is just dope haha. The video is really awesome too. Hope you guys enjoy and here is some more information regarding Adam Tensta:
He is 27 years old from Tensta, Stockholm and is a Swedish Rapper. As a child he grew up with a heroin father and a society of crime but he was nourished and found his sanctuary in his music. Something that I find very intriguing and respect a lot is that he excludes alcoholm cigarettes, and drugs from his lifestyle – which are all things that society (including those middle school kids) have come to think is what life is composed of. They clearly don’t have real vision of the world but this rapper Tensta does. He makes some really finely produced music and does a good job of bringing solid lyrics as well. The lyrics will get stuck in your head and have you coming back for more listen guaranteed!
Adam Tensta – Dopeboy | Download


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