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SICK ALBUM: Frank Ocean – Nostalgia/ULTRA

Frank Ocean Nostalgia Ultra Album Cover

Frank Ocean Nostalgia Ultra Album Cover

Frank Ocean put out this amazing album that I had not heard of up until today. It was brought to my attention by a friend,T. Goodman. Frank Ocean really did work on this album and it is amazingly pieced together from the beats to the lyrics. Lupe Fiasco even tweeted about this guy, so you definitely know he deserves your ears for a few minutes at least!


Frank Ocean – Nostalgia/Ultra Album – Download


Lupe Fiasco – All Black Everything

Lupe Fiasco has put himself on top. Listen to this song and you will have Lupe in your Top 5 (if you don’t already have him there). Lupe has said that this may very well possibly be his best song in his career so it is definitely worth a listen and you can always expect big things from this guy.

LASERS March 8th, 2011 14 DAYS! ENJOY!

Lupe Fiasco – All Black Everything – DOWNLOAD

Chiddy Bang – Baby Roulette (Ft. Train)

I dig this song.

Wait What – This is Real Life (Sick Mash Up Album)


This possibly one of the BEST mash up albums I’ve heard lately. You should never get tired of mash ups because its impossible for you to get too much of them (of course if you are listening to terrible mash ups that are not well done that is acceptable).

This mash up album is extraordinary and best of all it is free to download. The artist and myself would appreciate if you didn’t download it for free because all donations will be given to youth writing charity for education.

This album does it all. Combines hip-hop with different genres such as indie rock to give you the best of both worlds.

You can download it through this link: waitwhat.bandcamp.com
(click ‘Buy Now’ and enter any amount of money you want).