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Lupe Fiasco has put out an amazing album. Although very controversial and took a very long time to get it, it has arrived. It has received a lot of negative reviews for “selling out” and is not entirely what I expected of Lupe as compared to The Cool or Food & Liquor it is still amazing. Some songs I clearly do not like but overall message and lyrical creativity to his songs is still present. Give it a listen yourself after hitting the download.




SICK ALBUM: Frank Ocean – Nostalgia/ULTRA

Frank Ocean Nostalgia Ultra Album Cover

Frank Ocean Nostalgia Ultra Album Cover

Frank Ocean put out this amazing album that I had not heard of up until today. It was brought to my attention by a friend,T. Goodman. Frank Ocean really did work on this album and it is amazingly pieced together from the beats to the lyrics. Lupe Fiasco even tweeted about this guy, so you definitely know he deserves your ears for a few minutes at least!


Frank Ocean – Nostalgia/Ultra Album – Download

Lupe Fiasco – I Don’t Wanna Care Right Now ft. MDMA

New Lupe Fiasco. Man is on fire. Give it a listen and know you heard it here first!

Lupe Fiasco – I Don’t Wanna Care Right Now ft MDMA – Download

Lupe Fiasco – All Black Everything

Lupe Fiasco has put himself on top. Listen to this song and you will have Lupe in your Top 5 (if you don’t already have him there). Lupe has said that this may very well possibly be his best song in his career so it is definitely worth a listen and you can always expect big things from this guy.

LASERS March 8th, 2011 14 DAYS! ENJOY!

Lupe Fiasco – All Black Everything – DOWNLOAD

Lupe Fiasco – Words I Never Said ft. Skylar Grey [MUST DOWNLOAD]


Lupe returns with his latest single off of his highly anticipated album Lasers. As usual, he makes a single track that is far superior to some other rapper’s entire careers. Lupe intelligently carves his lyrics – every reference, metaphor, allusion with a greater purpose. He uses his music to raise awareness and to combat ignorance in the world. Change is necessary and people must end the silence; it’s time to speak out. Lupe calls out TV hosts Limbaugh and Glenn Beck and continues to question what Obama did while Gaza strip was being bombed.

Although some may regard this song as very political and controversial it is hard to argue against the fact that it its  HIGHLY INTELLIGENT song and was much needed with the events going on in the world such as the overthrow of Mubarak in Egypt.

I hope you guys enjoy this song as much as I did!

Lupe Fiasco – Words I Never Said – Download


Mochi Beats is one of my favorite mashup artists. He definietely has a 6th sense for how to mix music and what songs mesh well with other songs. I love his album that he has released for free. That’s 24 STRAIGHT BANGERS that are all available for free. You can get it via Mochi Beat’s official website. My absolute favorite on that album might just be “Walking on Greece”. Give it a listen.
The other song I am sharing with you is not on that album but lives up to it. “Say It’s Empathy” combines Crystal Castles, Rihanna, Lupe Fiasco, and Terra Naomi. It has such a nice beat and you can never go wrong with Lupe lyrics.
Give it a listen and Enjoy!
Mochi Beats – Say It’s Empathy | Download

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