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SICK ALBUM: Frank Ocean – Nostalgia/ULTRA

Frank Ocean Nostalgia Ultra Album Cover

Frank Ocean Nostalgia Ultra Album Cover

Frank Ocean put out this amazing album that I had not heard of up until today. It was brought to my attention by a friend,T. Goodman. Frank Ocean really did work on this album and it is amazingly pieced together from the beats to the lyrics. Lupe Fiasco even tweeted about this guy, so you definitely know he deserves your ears for a few minutes at least!


Frank Ocean – Nostalgia/Ultra Album – Download


Mac Miller-Senior Skip Day

Mac Miller at his finest. A nice relaxing beat. Great lyrics. Young rapper who is also signed with Rostrum Records, the same Record label as Wiz Khalifa. If you like Wiz you’ll like Mac.

Mac Miller-Senior Skip Day – Download

Neon Indian – Psychic Chasms (Anoraak Remix)

I found this one earlier today and I just thought it was extremely relaxing and beautiful. I do not know much about the artist or track or such but my ears do tell me it is really nicely put together.
As some of you may have noticed I am trying to expand your vision of music by posting things that deviate from the strict hip-hop norm. Let me know what you guys think of the mash-ups, indie style rock and what not.
Give it a listen. Enjoy!

OnCue – Cuey Sings the Blues

OnCue has fulfilled our hearts with this outstanding mixtape and as a listener as well as a fan I am damn right happy with how this mixtape is. It is definitely a quality mixtape; possible and arguably the top mixtape of the year. Between this and Wale’s album from earlier this year “More About Nothing” I don’t know which one is the best but I LOVE both.

What are you waiting for? Go download this and turn on those speakers/put on those headphones!

**By the way I forgot to address the issue on the lack of posts. School has just begun and I was attempting to get back into the flow of sleep patterns and work along with everything else. I will try my best to keep the consistency and upload everyday when possible.



J.Cole – Villematic

Sheesh Kanyeeezy just got ripped on his own beat by J.Cole!
J.Cole is just unstoppable and everytime he rolls out a new song it is just straight fire. Today he went in on Kanye’s new song “Devil in a Tight Dress”. He has tweeted about an upcoming mixtape that he will be dropping and his debut album has been set back, but he will still be dropping new music as the days come by.

“Talk is cheap like I grew up in a Jewish home”.

Mat Kearney – Undeniable

Mat Kearney is just something really awesome. I love his style it is something unique but also reminds me of John Mayer at times. Its just really easy to enjoy the instruments and the lyrics are very easy to relate to. Escaping away into your own world of music to control your emotions might just be one of the greatest arts and feelings if you ask me. He is making some awesome music and  if you have not already heard of him check him out.
Mat Kearney – Undeniable
(to download click the little down arrow in the sound cloud box below)

Wait What – This is Real Life (Sick Mash Up Album)


This possibly one of the BEST mash up albums I’ve heard lately. You should never get tired of mash ups because its impossible for you to get too much of them (of course if you are listening to terrible mash ups that are not well done that is acceptable).

This mash up album is extraordinary and best of all it is free to download. The artist and myself would appreciate if you didn’t download it for free because all donations will be given to youth writing charity for education.

This album does it all. Combines hip-hop with different genres such as indie rock to give you the best of both worlds.

You can download it through this link:
(click ‘Buy Now’ and enter any amount of money you want).